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Mifune Tsuji

Bach to Xenakis

Mifune Tsuji.JPG

Painting by Norman Perryman, 1988



Mifune Tsuji was prize winner of the first Reina Sofia International competition in Madrid having developed her style and virtuoso technique with some of the world's leading violinists including; Toyoko Hattori, Yoshio Unno, Alberto Lysy, Yehudi Menuhin and Rustislav Dubinsky.

After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts, Mifune was invited by Alberto Lysy to come to Europe to join the International Menuhin Academy in Switzerland, where she became a member of Camerata Lysy and performed with them as a soloist. Since then she has performed throughout Europe, Asia, America and Canada as a soloist and chamber musician and is renowned for her specialism in contemporary music. Mifune has performed many world premieres for solo violin and as a soloist with various world-renowned orchestras


 She has always striven to extend her art to its limits by close collaboration with many significant composers such as Iannis Xenakis, John Cage, Morton Feldman, Michael Nyman, Luca Francesconi, James Dashow and Vinko Globkar. In describing the collaboration and artistry Mifune brought  to his pieces, Xenakis wrote "She is a wonderful violinist allying technical mastery with an exceptional musicianship." Mifune Tsuji is concertmaster of Xenakis Ensemble and frequently gives solo concerts throughout Europe. She Lives in Cambridge and teaches at Anglia Ruskin University.


Iannis Xenakis



Mikka S

Since 2012, Mifune has performed with The Mifune Tsuji Trio, a dynamic chamber ensemble comprised of violin, saxophone (Jin Theriault) and piano (Paul Jackson). This unique trio has been received with huge enthusiasm at a wide range of concert venues around the UK. Audiences have remarked on the trio's impressive versatility and exciting programmes ranging from Piazzolla to Shostakovich and included contemporary composers including Andre Previn and Nikola Resanovic. 

"she is a wonderful violinist allying technical mastery with an exceptional musicianship. She's a really velvety interpreter of traditional and today's European music."

Iannis Xenakis

"I had thought the only musicians who could play my music authentically were those with who I had worked with for years. I realised my error as soon as I heard Mifune Tsuji lead the Xeanakis Ensemble in a wonderful performance of my work."

Michael Nyman

"To Mifune, with friendship and gratitude for her work."

John Cage

"Mifune Tsuji gave unconditional proof of her outstanding talent. Her warm intonation in Bach's Second Partita was a perfect foil to her excellent technique."

Geert Van Den Dungen


Mifune pictured with Iannis Xenakis, July 1992


Mifune Tsuji -

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